What’s Your Favorite Memory Made at Barragan’s in Echo Park?

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Ramon Barragan at Barragan’s last day in Echo Park, which he opened in 1961.

It’s been almost a week since Barragan’s Mexican Restaurant had its farewell party in Echo Park. Before the party, Barragan’s Mexican Restaurants asked its fans a simple question:

“What’s your favorite memory made at Barragan’s in Echo Park?”

Before its farewell party on December 13, 2013, Barragan’s had been in business since 1961–over half a century.

Here are some of the best described memories from fans, who shared their comments via Barragan’s Facebook page.


Notable Comments

My husband and I had a wedding vow renewal ceremony on the back patio, and a reception for our family, upstairs three years ago, just before we relocated to MN … it was beautiful, an absolutely perfect day!!! -Sheri H.

When me and Eddie Loco¬†would go on Wednesday and get wasted and party like like it was 1999! I’m gonna miss this spot!! -Kenny C.

Last Night when Carlos Santana showed up! -Andy O.

Hanging out with co-workers for lunch on Margarita Wednesdays! And of course Ramiro, our favorite waiter. -Roxy M.

My family has been coming here ever since I can remember, and I’m 46 now. Just a few red booths and the old lunch counter in the beginning, and we watched every expansion to where it is today. Tomorrow is a sad day indeed. -Ken R.

Someone special took me there for the first time. It was our wed spot. -Dolores D.

My grandma introduced me to Barragan’s over 30 years ago. It’s my favorite. -Louann S.

This is so sad to hear! My parents got engaged at this location. We’ve celebrated just about every milestone in our family here. No more margaritas or taquitos! -Darlene V.

Los Cubanos owned the meat market at 826.s Central Ave., next block over. About 10 of my buddies and my father would all get together there daily.What times! -Nick J.

Fans of the restaurant can still keep in touch with the food and family business by visiting their other two locations, which remain open.


730 N. Victory Blvd. Burbank, CA 91502, 818-848-2325


814 S. Central Avenue, Glendale, CA 91204, 818-243-1103


What was your favorite memory from Barragan’s in Echo Park?


Picture of Ramon Barragan and family courtesy of Barragan’s Mexican Restaurants Facebook page.

  1. Satellite

    Margarita Wednesdays were always fun for me…it was a good spot to sit down with friends, talk, see the room fill up, people watch, see the dance floor get moving, grab more tequila pitchers lol see some disco lights go, watch people have fun. Then there were always the Dodger games, and you always knew that there were families and groups having dinner downstairs. Will be missed!

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