Podcast: Gobble Gobble Give Interview on 4,000 Thanksgiving Meals in Echo Park

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For this episode we had the opportunity to interview Gobble Gobble Give, a non-profit organization that has its roots in the south land, here in Los Angeles, Echo Park and Silverlake. We speak to Barry Walker as he takes us through the journey of how the organization began–with a simple instinct to help others–and how it has developed into a nationwide movement that prepared 10,000 meals for the homeless in 2013.

Audio Interview with Gobble Gobble Give

Echo Park Forums

You may listen to the audio interview through your web browser, on your tablet, or on a smart phone. Simply click on the “Play” button below, or open the player in a new window.

Show Length: 28:37

Key Points and Topics Discussed

Here are some bullet points of the topics we discussed regarding Gobble Gobble Give.

  • Gobble Gobble Give origins/Barry’s personal story
  • Echo Park’s The Echo (Echo Park and Los Angeles base/location on Thanksgiving)
  • Expansion into other cities and states and the “We can do more” attitude
  • 4,000 meals served in Echo Park
  • Details of day of the event
    • Recipe contest
    • Food Preparation
    • Meal Delivery (car volunteers)
  • 10,000 meals served nationwide in 2013
  • Talk of other items, such as canned foods, sweaters, beanies, hoodies
  • Gobble Gobble Give’s future plans/moving forward
    • Keep growing
    • Skid Row Christmas
    • Social Media Campaigns and hashtags #GGG2013, #GobbleGobbleGive
  • How to get involved

What You Can Do

Visit the Gobble Gobble Give website at http://www.gobblegobblegive.org and sign up for their blog updates and newsletter. Also, like them on social media, and contact them when the time comes to volunteer and/or participate in the holiday potluck.

Memorable Quotes from Barry Walker and Gobble Gobble Give

“Gobble Gobble Give is a potluck party. You just bring something…whatever your thing is…and we give [the meals] to people who need them.”

“We make some of the best meals in all of Echo Park.”

“We take pride in our food and the way it goes out into the street.”

“We hop in our cars and we go out and find people. We go over the fences, we go under the bridges, down the river beds, we walk the train tracks, we go into skid row, we go down the alley, and we search for people who don’t know and don’t care that it’s Thanksgiving. We give them a meal, hand them some warm clothes and say, we haven’t forgot about you today.”

“it’s chaos on Sunset Blvd. in front of The Echo for about four hours during Thanksgiving morning.”

“We are a homegrown Echo Park-Silverlake thing.”

Pictures from Gobble Gobble Give 2013

Echo Park Forums
Volunteers Prepare Meals for Gobble Gobble Give

Photo Credit: Instagram user jlwachtell

Echo Park Forums
Boxed Meals Ready To Go to Driver Volunteers

Photo credit: Instagram user _denisera_

Echo Park Forums
Cars Line Up in front of The Echo in Echo Park, Los Angeles

Photo credit: Instagram user angieakatiki

Echo Park Forums
Volunteers Line Up in Echo Park for Gobble Gobble Give

 Photo credit: Instagram user Chelslowela


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This Echo Park Podcast episode features music from Menage the band. Song played in the show is titled “Bury Us Young”.

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