Podcast: GroupShower LA: First Live Stream Music Show in Echo Park & Los Angeles

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In this episode we interview Jaeger Christian who’s one of the personalities behind GroupShower.LA, a new live-stream music show happening in Echo Park at Echoes Under Sunset

What is GroupShower LA?

Echo Park

GroupShower LA is the first and foremost live music based show coming out of Los Angeles and streaming to the world on Tuesdays nights in 2014.

It’s also a live in-person show happening at Echoes Under Sunset in Echo Park–which is how they got our attention.

The first live-stream music show in Los Angeles streaming to Earth from Echo Park? Let’s do this.

Jaegar Christian–our interviewee–is one of the producers behind the show. In this short, entertaining interview, we learn about Jaegar, his motivations, and about GroupShower LA. What is it? Who’s involved? How is it produced? Who can participate? We answer all of these questions and more.

Echoes Under Sunset is located at 1310 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles CA.

Important Links Discussed in the Show

Audio Interview Discussion Outline

  • Brief Introduction to GroupShower LA
  • Who is Jaegar Christian?
    • Musical inspirations
    • Career, Writing, Plays
    • Motivations behind GroupShower LA
  • Who is involved in GroupShower LA?
  • Where does the name come from (GroupShower LA)?
    • Variations
      • “Open Mic”
      • “House Concert”
      • “A Group Show”
    • “.LA” extension for the project’s website
  • Live Streaming: What Is It?
    • Variety show with monologue + Music
    • Podcasting and information
    • Streaming technology and accessibility
    • Jaegar’s experience with podcasting
  • The “Live Experience”
    • MC’ing
    • Risks and rewards of live shows
    • Future opportunities
  • Why Echo Park?
    • BedRock Studios
    • Echoes Under Sunset
    • Echo Park neighborhood and diversity
  • The In-Person Experience
    • Cover charge ($5)
    • Location and address
    • Seating
    • Street viewing
  • The Audio Sample and Clip
    • “Glad I Ran Into You” by Taylor J. Crowell sound clip
    • Taylor J. Crowell
  • What Artists can Participate?
    • “We love songs”
    • Variety, diversity, local
    • Will we see Jaegar perform?
  • Social Media and Contact Information
    • Upcoming shows in January and 2014

Jaegar’s Memorable Quotes

Is there a place that represents the diversity of Los Angeles, is there a place that is open to new acts and established acts? We’d like GroupShower LA to be that sort of place where we welcome all music acts that represent Los Angeles and the diversity that is LA, and hopefully with that we’ll stand for good music and stand for the great scene that is Los Angeles today. (Speaking about GroupShower LA)

I heard Pearl Jam and I thought, “What is this?” And then you realize this would be an obsession for the rest of your life. When you’re thirteen you don’t realize that.

I want to promote all of these singer songwriters that we live next door to, that we ride the bus with and see on the streets, and the fact that they’re here in Los Angeles is fantastic. (Speaking about the type of performers we should expect)

Echo Park has a density of artists, and quality too, that makes me feel confident about this project.

American music fans are thirsting for music: What’s next? I want to be on the front of this live stream vanguard and be able to see if we can develop an audience and get sponsors to showcase these semi-unknown artists in Los Angeles.

Our idea is that if a podcast brings people information that they want on demand and couldn’t get otherwise, then maybe a live stream could do the same thing for music.

We wouldn’t be able to do this without the kindness and generosity of Echoes Under Sunset and the people of Echo Park, Los Angeles who are open to so many artistic projects, and we are glad to be a part of it.

We want this to be local. We want this to be LA-based. (Speaking about GroupShower LA)

We are open to anyone and everything. The thing is we love songs. Who doesn’t love songs? There’s something about us,  no matter where we come from or who we are, everybody loves a good song. That’s why I can go to every country in the world and everybody knows Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”. For some reason, people love songs.

We’re looking for people who can write a song, on their own, and perform it live with whatever instrument they want.

We also want to reflect the diversity of Los Angeles and want people to know we are open and interested in people singing songs in different languages.

LA has enough that we can showcase the diversity of LA…songs in Spanish, Korean, Armenian, songs in languages I don’t even know…I want that because a song is a song and we can’t wait to hear them. (Speaking of the type of artists they wish to attract)

Echoes Under Sunset is such a free form venue. It really is a labor-intensive club for the people that run it, but what it contributes to Echo Park and Los Angeles in general is punching above its weight. Every night it is open, every night it is contributing something new and creative, and every night it i’s allowing artists to engage with audiences on a personal one on one basis. It’s a great little venue, Christian has done a great effort making it a place worth going to. (Speaking about Echoes Under Sunset)

Echo Park has a lot of room and space for this kind of artistic experimentation. 

Echo Park is a great place…affordable, still has a very local sense, working class people still live there, go to their jobs, access downtown, and work side by side with interesting artists and up and coming people.


Awesome! Thank you Jaegar Christian!

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