The bird count is in at Echo Park Lake: Meet the 28 winged species

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So maybe it’s something you’ve thought about. You see them all the time, but ever wondered how many birds live at Echo Park Lake, or what species?

Before 2013 ended in December, bird lover Judith Raskin led a small group of similarly interested individuals as they explored bird species at Echo Park Lake. People were encouraged to bring binoculars and a bird guide, if possible.

Following a tradition, the Annual Christmas Bird Count, the day’s goal is to identify the animals living in our urban habitat, as well as keep tally of the numbers in order to acquire data for previous and future year comparisons.

The results were published in EPIAn Ways, a quarterly publication published by the Echo Park Improvement Association.

With the Echo Park Lake reopening to the public this year after its renovation, it is good to know that the bird population is still active around the lake.

The Bird Count!! (Drum Roll)

The results of the late 2013 Echo Park Lake bird count are as follows:

4 American wigeon

22 Mallard

27 Ring-necked duck

1 Lesser scaup

3 Bufflehead

43 Ruddy Duck

20 Pied-billed grebe

2 Great blue heron

4 Great egret

5 Snowy egret

5 Green heron

268 American coot

166 Rock pigeon

2 Mourning dove

10 Yellow-chevroned parakeet

2 Anna’s hummingbird

2 Allen’s hummingbird

2 Acorn woodpecker

8 Black phoebe

1 Western scrub-jay

17 American crow

30 Bushtit

2 Northern mockingbird

37 European starling

6 Yellow-rumpedwarbler

35 Brewer’s blackbird

2 Great-tailed grackle

9 House sparrow

Total: 28 species and 735 counted birds.

Though if you ask us, the 1 Western scrub-jay should really consider getting with the 1 Lesser scaup to establish a 29th, don’t you think? Poor love birds, it can’t be easy to be single in February. 

If you see some nice shots of birds around the lake habitat, take a picture and tag us on @echoparkforums!

Apart from bird count information, the EPIA publication EPIAn Ways holds a lot of relevant, important community news, dates and information. Check out the latest quarterly update online here (PDF).

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  1. Satellite

    That’s a lot of birds…I was always curious but never imagined to count them. I’m glad someone got down and did it!

  2. Mick

    Yesterday, I saw a pair of Least Bitterns at the north end of the lake. They seemed to be too small for Green Herons.

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