Echo Park Lake scenes in music video “So Much Worse” by We Still Dream

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Echo Park Lake
photo credit: We Still Dream! Facebook

We Still Dream is a 5-piece pop-punk/rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. On February 10th, 2014 they released the video for their single “So Much Worse” from the newly out album Something to Smile About.

The guys gave Echo Park and Echo Park Lake, along with other local Los Angeles destinations, much love as they are seen hopping around the familiar lake grounds on a beautiful sunny day. The video also shows familiar views of Los Angeles.

So ever walk around Echo Park Lake on a random day only to see a music video being filmed? Here’s the edited version.

Check it out:


Lyrics to “So Much Worse”

Nearly every word, in every verse, 
that I’ve ever rehearsed, it somehow tells, 
of a depressing story of how my life is boring, 
yeah I’m guilty myself, but we all do it all the time, 
we speak of our lives and how nothing goes right, 
when in reality, we need to pay attention to the things that matter most

Think twice about your life, 
and for once just focus on the good times. 
From the start we’re all cursed, 
but things could be so much worse

Seems to me how it works gets progressively worse, 
while we drown ourselves and dwell, 
on all the problems forming and how the weather’s storming, 
and that’s where we fail, to appreciate the things we have, 
instead we focus on what seems so bad, 
I know it’s hard because I’ve been there too, 
if you relate to this I relate to you 

I’m screaming at the top of my lungs, 
“what the fuck has the world become?”
We complain until our tongues go numb, 
what happened to everyone? 
I need this, disappointment to be dismissed, 
I can’t believe that I constantly let myself fall, over and over

I told myself that I would never go back, 
to the times when things were so bad, 
all alone just feeling so sad, 
I’ll never go back

To learn more about the band, keep up with them on Facebook.

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