The end of Echo Park’s E’Pack Family Clothing Store on Sunset Blvd

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Echo Park Forums
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While gentrification is a household term now in Echo Park, much of the family-owned stores along Sunset Blvd, west of Echo Park Ave., still remained untouched by the developmental changes in the area. Today marks a start to a changing corridor along the strip just across the Walgreen’s Plaza (where the upcoming Lassen’s is already announcing its arrival).

Echo Park Forums
photo credit: Echo Park Forums

The E’Pack Family Clothing Store now stands nameless as the sign was brought down today to make way for Dinette, a  new take-out sandwich shop that will feature foods from Vietnam, Cuba, along with American classics, as reported by The Eastsider LA in September 2013.

Echo Park Forums
photo credit: Echo Park Forums

E’Pack was known as a discount store for men, women and children where customers could find bargains on T-shirts, dresses, shoes, pants and more. Taking its place, as mentioned, with be Dinette, along with an upcoming restaurant called “Libre”, both by the same owner, Gareth Kantner, who also owns Cafe Stella in Silverlake.

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 2014 looks to be an eventful year for Echo Park businesses, as the neighborhood is  beginning to see the materialization of many late-2013 storefront news, most notably the closing of Barragan’s Mexican Restaurant, which had been in business for over 50 years. Other stores and organizations that have recently closed include Villainy General Store (also on Sunset Blvd), and the Echo Park Independent Co-Op.

With the “Chango” building also selling in the last two months for over 9 million dollars, Echo Park’s storefronts are experiencing gentrification first-hand in 2014.

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  1. Kam E Bueno

    this is so jacked up that it aint even funny these hipsters can come into my old varrio and run businesses out and generations of familys gone wtf when will it end and these hipsters are the reason for the pinche gang injunction but yet they can roam the streets all hours of the fucki ng night and be drunk

    • Echo Park Forums

      Thanks for the comment Kam! EP is definitely going through dramatic transformations…one of the main reasons we started the site…to be able to discuss them and report on news and happenings. There are a lot of reasons for people to have opinions about who’s coming in and who’s getting kicked out, especially when the demographics are changing drastically.

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