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For this episode of the Echo Park Podcast we had the pleasure to interview local Echo Park artist Jaime Chavez a.k.a. @stormcloud72 about the work that he produces and uploads on his Instagram account. We came across his unique work through Instagram and reached out to him for some talk. Thankfully, we were able to meet at Echo Park Lake to discuss his local artwork.

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We strongly encourage you to visit his Instagram account @stormcloud72 to get a full sense of his art. He has allowed us to publish some samples on this page. All copyright to the images remain with Jaime Chavez.

For inquiries about purchasing his art work or prints, please contact him via Instagram.

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Things We Discuss + Links

Our interview was divided in three parts: 1) About Jaime and his life in Echo Park 2) Jaime’s art, material, and inspiration and 3) how to contact/purchase/trade with Jaime.

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Part 1: Jaime Chavez and Echo Park

  • Family history, history in Echo Park
  • Best memories growing up in Echo Park
  • LA Riots, Northridge Earthquake memories
  • Thoughts about Pioneer Market and local Echo Park businesses
  • Is Echo Park the Eastside?

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Echo Park Forums

Part 2: Jaime’s Art, Material, Inspirations

  • Early inspirations, his history with art
  • Art education–Platt College, Pasadena Art Center College of Design
  • Ever tried landscape? Portrait? Objects?
  • How Jaime sets up to work and materials Jaime uses for his art
  • Where does Jaime shop for materials? (Baller Art Ware in Silverlake/Los Feliz)
  • What’s Jaime’s schedule?
  • Inspirations: pre-colombian art, Native America, Gangster/Cholo/LA/Japanese influences
  • Definitions of art, how to define his art, how to define Native American art
  • Discussions about specific art pieces
  • Jaime’s Inspirations
  • Jaime’s use of current events in his artwork (holidays, technology, sports)
  • Jaime’s thoughts on drawing women, as opposed to men
  • Ancient Aliens–references to pre-colombian art in the series and in Jaime’s work

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Part 3: Contact, Sales, Marketing

  • Is Jaime’s art for sale? Are there prints? Will he trade?
  • What are people’s reactions to his art?
  • Instagram–when did Jaime join, how’s he liking it? Is he on other networks?
  • How to get a hold of Jaime

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Follow @stormcloud72

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Thank you Jaime Chavez for your time and willingness to be on the Echo Park Podcast!

What do you think of Jaime’s art? Let him know in the comments below!

8 Responses

  1. Randy Chavez

    Really enjoyed your podcast hosting my brother (Jaime Chavez ). Talking about his art Echo park.
    You have a new listener to the echo parkforums …

    • EP Forums

      Thank you Randy! That’s one thing we forgot to ask him, about his siblings! Good to know he has a supportive bro who will come on here and listen to the podcast. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your support.

    • Jose Cervantes

      Thanks for the comment Randy! We had a great time talking at the lake…you guys come from a cool family. Off the record we talked a lot about life in EP, the family, neighborhood, etc…it was a good time. Thanks for listening to our interview and for supporting the podcast.


  2. Steve

    Jaime Chavez, is an indigenous Echo Parkque gem! Its true about watching “your back” around Echo Park back in the days and we live today to talk about it. And his work totally reflects our past. I remember, some decades ago, him drawing caricatures of all types of people, our friends and our barrio and he inspired me to draw too. That Echo Parkque vibrancy you feel today, yeah, that comes from hommies like Jamie Chavez. Great podcast! You should do a podcast on the old K-Day football team cliques, that has some historical Chicano/Echo Parkque value.

    • Jose Cervantes

      Hello Steve,

      Thanks for the comment. I had a good time meeting Jaime and sitting out by the lake discussing Echo Park and his art. I’m glad that Jaime and his family are still local and that we can learn from the neighborhood from the things they have to say. “His work totally reflects our past” I like that line–it is definitely reminiscent and I like the part in the podcast where he talks about his art paying respects to the past.

      Thanks for the suggestion I’ll write that suggestion down and explore it for future episodes. Our podcast is open to many topics about EP, both historical and current…digging up historical value is always fun and we hope to tell good stories through it.

      Thank you- Jose

  3. Carlos Chavez

    Jamie failed to mention that he was an excellent football player in high school who earned several scholarship offers from the University of Nebraska (Omaha), University of Northern Arizona however; choose art and hung up his cleats. I am so proud of my son, he is an excellent artist and wonderful father. He excels in Native and Cultural art and expresses his art via a platform self expression. Echo Park has been a major influence for he has embraced the neighborhood and captured the evaluation of its people and culture. I am so fond of his work and offer you to share, embrace his work as well.

    • Jose Cervantes

      Hello Carlos, yes he did fail to mention those scholarships! We did talk about his high school football days, but he didn’t mention the scholarships. Jaime is a humble guy. But we did discuss those sports days off the record when we were not recording, and he also mentioned how he was a big guy who needed better competition and at one point you were looking to put him in better teams.

      Thanks for sharing that side story about Jaime. It’s great to hear the words of a proud father like yourself. Thank you for coming on to the website to leave your comment about Jaime and his art. We’re glad we found him and glad I had the opportunity to meet and discuss his life and art. I look forward to staying good friends with him and seeing how his continues to develop. I’m glad to know he has a supportive family who encourages him to continue working on his interest.

      Thank you,

    • Jose Cervantes

      Another thing I want to mention is that sometimes in the middle of interviews it’s hard to catch all of the information that the person is giving, and at times I was preoccupied with knowing what I would ask next, but one thing I failed to ask him more about was also his scholarship in art for college…we seemed to not dive into that even though I am sure that was a good moment in his life…where he was recognized for what he liked doing and what he had an interest in and rewarded with a scholarship. Again, thanks for listening. – Jose

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