Pictures: Echo Park Residents Enjoy Superbowl XLVIII

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This weekend is SuperBowl XLVIII (what? It’s number 48!) and the Denver Broncos are playing the Seattle Seahawks in New York City. Seattle was the #1 defense in the league, and Denver was the #1 offense. Seattle is the new, up and coming team with a young quarterback (Russell Wilson) who can throw and run, while Denver has old Peyton (37 year old) Manning, a traditional stay-in-the-pocket thrower with 2 previous championship appearances (1-1) and this year’s probable league MVP.

That being said, whoever thought this Superbowl was going to suck?

Commercials + the Superbowl has got Echo Park and America in a depressive slump, but that doesn’t stop us from seeing how Echo Park locals enjoyed the big ::cough:: game.

In this picture, @VeroEchoPark felt there was more enjoyment in the food on Sunday.

Though disrupted temporarily by Time Warner Cable’s big local fail (wherein the game stopped showing for a while), the folks at our local @Lot1Cafe still celebrated with company and drinks.

Mimosas in #EchoPark do end at 4:59 @dcbkerr @gwilermo @nwdavidson @kasikirkpatrick

A photo posted by Lot 1 cafe (@lot1cafe) on

@Mark_error showcased some of the celebration happening at El Compadre Restaurant in Echo Park.

Meanwhile, @adognamedvenice just didn’t care much about the ball game and went to Echo Park Lake instead, mentioning that they had the lake all to their-selves on this beautiful Sunday.

Thankfully, some of us were simply not watching. @Esteban_Paul took this wonderful pic of the city for us while we were all drowned in Superbowl disappointment. “Superbowl Sunday”, he said, simply.

@Patsolo on the other hand, did go to a local Echo Park bar, but didn’t care much about the game. He was simply enjoying a drink, regardless. “Just skating around,” he said.

@Madalionn, meanwhile, enjoyed her Seahawks win at El Prado.

My sissy and the phill harmonic. #elpradobar #superbowlsunday #happiness

A photo posted by Mad-ill (@madalionn) on

And regardless of the upsetting score, it seems that @golosa81 was going to have a good time at El Compadre Mexican Restaurant.

@djmikerawk even wondered if there was a Superbowl game going on???

“This is what Superbowl 48 looks like in Echo Park,” said @kellhathnofurey.

This is what #sb48 looks like in #echopark

A photo posted by KellHathNoFurey (@kellhathnofurey) on

And @deadmundo checked in at the Gold Room.

Watching the game at #goldroom @echoparkforums

A photo posted by "DEAD" (@deadmundo) on

Of course, we were just looking for any action, at all, in town…

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