Rocket Dog Walking in Echo Park — neighborhood street pole report

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The following post was originally published on February 11, 2014. Readers should be aware of this story about Rocket Dog Walking that occurred after the publishing of the post below. Beware of this flyer’s services. By keeping this post live, EPF does not intend to promote this service. — EPF, May 13, 2014

Good ol’ neighborhood advertising in Echo Park–sometimes it’s not all about the big boys. This flyer for Rocket Dog Walking was found on the corner/fork of Echo Park Ave and Morton Ave, in front of the new Chevron and across the street from the recently sold “Chango” building. Does your dog need a walk or two?

It reads:

“Hey, I’m walkin’ here!”

Rocket Dog Walking

Number  Redacted

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16 Responses

  1. EchoParkGirl

    DONT HIRE THIS GUY! He left my dog in his car with the windows up and the cops had to come and take her out. He’s NOT an animal lover. Beware

    • Echo Park Forums

      Hello CTSadler, thank you for your comment! We did hear about the incident regarding RDW and appreciate your review. The link you provided however does unfortunately lead to a private community and cannot be accessed publicly–just to let you know.

  2. Silver Laker

    Don’t hire this person! Or you put your dog at severe risk of injury or even death.

  3. CTSadler

    Sorry gang, I originally posted a link to the story. Here’s the text:

    This is a true story that happened today in Gelson’s parking lot.

    (Text redacted by EPF Staff. For this story, please click here where this story lives in its own post. Thank you. – EPF)

    • Echo Park Forums

      Hello CTSadler, thanks for posting that! That was sent to us as well and we will use the text from that story to publish a blog post about it. It will syndicate to more people rather than stay lost here in the comments. Thanks again for taking the time.

  4. EP Forums

    Echo Park Girl, thanks for the comment. We were glad to hear that your dog came out unharmed. Thanks for getting the word out.

  5. Laura Romero


  6. Lynn-Ann

    EcoParkGirl… what is this guys name? my concern is that he will just start a new dog walking business under a different name. We need to warn people not to do business with this guy. Please let us know. Thanks

  7. JLR

    As a professional dog walker/sitter serving the Los Angeles area for almost 20yrs, I am disgusted that anyone in this industry especially, has the audacity to leave an animal in a car, let alone in the heat and for 45min-1hr???!!!!

    I am soooo grateful to hear the dog is ok, and I really hope the community comes together to make sure this guy’s business gets shut down, eapecially since he lied about the whole situation.

  8. Zira

    I’d like to know the guys name. He can change his phone number, but his name needs to be known to be avoided.

  9. Justin

    James Tully is the degenerate’s name. 5’6″. Skinny, pale hipster.

  10. Jason

    His defense didn’t make any sense. [“I’m from New York and didn’t know any better.”] It runs over 100° every summer in NY, with much worse humidity. If this fellow had left a dog in his car in a NY summer, s|he would have been just as badly off. To say nothing of the fact that he took someone’s money in exchange for “walking their dog.” It sounds like he may have been using his car to sweat them so it would look like he’d given them a good workout. While he went and did whatever he wanted to do.

    This one’s a piece of work. His “NY” defense doesn’t make sense, and everything else points towards him being a complete sociopath who knew exactly what he was doing.

  11. dog lover

    Why are you still promoting this psychopath?

    Take the ad down and replace it with a story about his despicable act of animal cruelty.

  12. EP Forums

    @doglover, I don’t think anyone would say we are promoting it given the story we published about the incident. But you’ve got a point in that we don’t want to mislead someone or give the impression that we are promoting this flyer. We will edit this post with a message at the top. Thank you!

  13. Lauren from Bay Area

    I am so glad that your dog is ok! I am also a dog walker and cannot conceive of the irresponsibility & cruelty of this guy. I would be livid! Has your dog been to a vet since the incident? I called the humane society a few months ago when I saw a dog in a parked car, windows up, direct sunlight… It was only about 60 degrees out, but by the time they arrived, it was 112 degrees in the car, so they broke a window and removed the dog. I know that when temps climb that high and higher there is a risk for brain damage and organ damage. I hope that your dog was rescued in time to avoid any future health issues. Very scary stuff. I would look into pressing charges. That is animal cruelty.

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