Echo Park Lake gets approved for $103,557 in restroom renovations

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Echo Park Lake
The city finishes the job by approving a renovation for Echo Park Lake’s restrooms. Photo credit: @dyoweeboi

Councilman Mitch O’Farrell announced today that he received unanimous support for a motion to improve Echo Park Lake’s restrooms during the course of the year.

The restrooms at Echo Park Lake were not part of the lake’s renovation project that ended in 2013. Instead, they now stand juxtaposed to the lake, a repainted boathouse, and the general revitalization that has taken place since the re-opening of the lake.

The city council is using uncommitted funds from Prop A that were originally destined for the Hollywood Recreation Center Development project.

Improvements will include general repairs, the repainting of the interiors, security features, and improved lighting.

In the announcement, the 13th District confirmed that work is already underway with the installation of special locks that close the bathrooms when they are not open to the public. This security feature is intended to keep the bathrooms from being places of illicit activity when no one is around.

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