Echo Park map T-shirts: interview with pANDsMAPS Cartography clothing

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Echo Park Map T Shirt
An interview with Pendersleigh & Sons Cartography.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. We think their shirts are unique and cool, and had questions about them. There are two guys behind the shirts. Here we interview Jared Schaffer.

Jose: Tell us a brief summary of Pendersleigh & Sons Cartography–what do you guys do and how long have you been around?

We are a T-shirt company that aims to spread community through the art of cartography. We have a full bio on our website, but I will glance over it quickly on this one. Eric started making maps for his blog. We met by chance in Silverlake. After talking about his maps and my training as a cartographer, we decided to make T-shirts of the maps. We opened our online store on December 1, 2013, so we are new.

Jose: The name of the T-shirt company implies that a family owns it, though there’s more to the story. Tell us about the name. Where did it come from, and what was the inspiration? 

Haha! Great question! Well the name started as an “inside joke” with Eric and his friends. I do not know the meaning of the joke as I have not made it part of the in-crowd yet. However, you bring up a great point about the “family ownership”. Our goal as a company is to spread community through the art of cartography. We view our business and the communities we map as a family. So there are a lot of undertones in the name. The new joke I have been saying is that Eric is Pendersleigh and I am and Sons.

PandsMaps Cartography 2
pANDsMAPS researching an Angeles National Forest Map.

Jose: So it seems Eric Brightwell is the artist behind the maps, and he’s been doing it close to 5 years now. Is he still actively producing new maps about the geography of the City of Angels? What’s the furthest community he has drawn so far?

That is correct, Eric is the artist behind the maps. For the T-shirts we have certain constraints that we have to work in. So I like to say that Eric is the designer and I am the engineer. Eric will sketch a map by hand and I will adopt that sketch into a computer rendering of the design. Eric does continue to adventure and map LA neighborhoods. He is working on a map of South Central right now. In total Eric has done over 150 maps of LA ‘hoods. We hope to have all available on T-shirts.

Elysian Park Map T Shirt
A sketch of Elysian Park. Many more where that came from.

Jose: The Echo Park version got our attention, and we were happy to see it labeled simply Echo Park, not an East side-named concoction. What’s your quick reasoning and definition of Echo Park’s geography within the city, and in relation to the many maps you’ve produced?

We do have a Mideast Side shirt that does include Echo Park. However we created the Mideast Side as a joke of all those East side-named concoctions, so we feel you on that. The boarders of each neighborhood are calculated through an intensive process. I cannot elaborate too much on said process, but I can say we do research old property lines and walk the area. With that said we feel Echo Park is a great place and spend a lot of time in it. With the first four designs we chose neighborhoods that embodied Eric and I. Young, artsy, up and coming, and underground are some adjectives that describe us and the hoods. It is not by chance that we picked these four designs. We live and hang out in these neighborhoods. We wanted to start with communities that we felt a part of already. Which bring us back to the family concept.

Echo Park Map T Shirts
Gray Echo Park Map T-shirt currently in stock.

Jose: Do you have plans to produce the maps on other items, other than T-shirts?

Yes, we do plan on producing the maps on other items. We are just starting out with this business so as we sell our inventory, we will expand into other items and other maps. We are currently working on tote bags.

Pandsmaps Cartography
Climbing at Point Dume in Malibu.

Jose: What’s your most popular T-shirt so far? If you say Echo Park, we’ll need proof or think it’s just flattery, jk.

Echo Park! Sorry, jk. I do not have the proof to back it up. The hot seller for us has been NELA–NorthEast Los Angeles.

Jose: What’s the smallest map/region you’ve produced?

Map wise, I would have to say Thai Town, as it is about one square block.


Thank you Jared and pANDsMAPS for the interview! Check their online store for stock and prices, and see them on Instagram @pandsmaps to get a glimpse of all of the neighborhoods they have mapped.

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