“Girl From Echo Park” Audio and Lyrics by Scott Mellis

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We came across a nice Echo Park tune titled “Girl from Echo Park” by Scott Mellis.

Enjoy the tune below + lyrics + a few words from Scott himself. Let us know what you think!

About Scott Mellis

Scott Mellis is a singer/songwriter from Caloundra, a small coastal town in Queensland, Australia. He started out playing in heavy metal bands in high school – sneaking into bars underage, carrying the gear of older band members. Scott has since developed into quite an eclectic songwriter and performer.

Now based in Los Angeles, Scott has had his music in movies, most notably in the DVD of the feature film The Sorcerer’s Apprentice; and has appeared on television, a particular highlight being a performance of a hilarious ditty with Mike Rowe for his showDirty Jobs.

Girl from Echo Park

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Girl from Echo Park
What have you done to me?
Maybe I’m sad, maybe it’s that
I just want your company
We’re all unsteady at heart
In the hours of the new moon 
A call through the air, 
A whisper through your hair 
Saying I’m wrong for you
Let’s get it started 
Pretty girl from Echo Park 
We’ll dance in starlight 
Down on Sunset Blvd 
We’ll watch the cars drive 
while they wonder who you are 
They think you’re a movie star, honey
I hope I get in the way
I hope that these feelings show
Did you feel the same
When spaceland was closing
Or was I just drunk and stoned?
The dogs they dance on the roof
One fell right off last June 
I get in the cab
Wonder where we’re at
In the hesitation blues

From His Own Words–Scott’s Inspiration

The song was produced and recorded in my bedroom by me. I wrote the song about a girl that lived behind The Brite Spot Diner who let me sleep over when I was kind of homeless and new to LA. I would walk her dogs, and she told me to write the song about her and her 2 dogs. She was beautiful, like a moviestar. – Scott Mellis

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