Local youth record raw footage of flooding in Echo Park

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In a humorous segment titled “Echo Park News”, two local Echo Park residents and budding journalists report on the flooding that took place in Echo Park over the early March 2014 weekend. Andrea Santillan, the eldest, begins the segment by announcing the happenings outside of her door. She sends it off to Damian Ramirez who, along with a handy cameraman (who might just be Andrea), shows how much water ran through the streets of Echo Park during last week’s much needed rainfall in Los Angeles.

Over the span of four days, from February 27-March 1st, Southern California cities received anywhere from 3-6 inches of rain, according to the National Weather Service.

“We are experiencing a flood right now, would you like to see the flood?” Damien asks the viewers in the video. “Here is the spot of the flood,” he says, as the camera shows an urban curb-side river rushing through. “It gets worse and worse every minute,” Damien says.


Afterward, in apparent animal-farm-like chaos, the newsroom (a.k.a living room) experiences difficulties in ending the news break.

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