Podcast: The state of Echo Park real estate with Urban Hillsides and Darren Hubert

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For this Echo Park Podcast episode, we interview Echo Park resident and Realtor Darren Hubert, who is also the founder of Urban Hillsides, a local real estate agency servicing Echo Park and surrounding communities, such as Atwater Village, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Silverlake and more. We discuss Echo Park real estate (commercial, residential) past, present and future.

Echo Park Real Estate

About Darren Hubert

Los Angeles native Darren Hubert is a 35-year resident of the Urban Hillsides, also known as Northeast LA. Darren has a unique background in all aspects of architecture. Growing up around his family’s wood tooling business sparked his interest in construction and the restoration of old homes. This led him to a college major in architecture, where he became profoundly aware of the emotional connection we have with properties and how we move, function, and live within a space.

For the past decade, Darren has pulled together a team of real estate professionals to support and deliver the higher standards of service he is known for. This talented team includes a full-time marketing consultant, designers, contractors, accountants, escrow staff, lenders, and property stagers.

Important Links from Interview

Urban Hillsides (includes their social media)

Echo Park Forums
Urban Hillsides team, Darren Hubert, Joe Cloninger, Kelly Erickson

Interview Part 1: Darren Hubert

  • Who is Darren?
  • How long in Echo Park?
  • When did his family first move to Echo Park and why?
  • What were some of his Echo Park childhood memories? What are some of his favorite things about the neighborhood, back then and now?
  • How has Echo Park changed from the 90s, 2000s, to now?
  • How did Darren first go into Real Estate and why? 

Part 2: Urban Hillsides

  • General introduction/location/information about Urban Hillsides.
  • When was it founded?
  • Who’s part of the team?
  • What neighborhoods does it service/focus on?
  • What area of Real Estate does Urban Hillsides work in?
  • Recent accomplishments, exciting news/events.

Part 3: Echo Park Real Estate

  • How long has Urban Hillsides been working in real estate in the Echo Park area?
  • How does Echo Park differ from the surrounding communities you work in?
  • If you had to summarize real estate in Echo Park during the 2000’s, what would you say?
  • Darren’s insight into how Echo Park/Los Angeles in general experienced the recession, and how it is going through its come-back.
  • How has the first half of this decade (2010-2014) gone in Echo Park and surrounding areas?
  • What were some observations/important sales/numbers from 2013?
  • Rentals in Echo Park
  • Singles vs.Families in Echo Park
  • The Hispanic/Latino community
  • Commercial real estate in Echo Park (Sunset Blvd., Alvarado, Echo Park Avenue)

Bonus: Darren Hubert’s Intro Video


Thank you Darren Hubert and Urban Hillsides for coming on the Echo Park Podcast!

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