Dodgers fans party it up early at Echo and Elysian Park (Pics)

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The Dodgers opening game doesn’t start until the afternoon, but Dodgers fans have started the party early via shuttles, streets, and local parks. There’s even a taco guy who was called up and organized before-hand for this unofficial city holiday.

Here are some of the first pictures coming out on social media that show people partying for opening day.

Los Angeles + great weather + Friday + April + Dodgers + opening day = cheers! Don’t have to be a genius to do the math on that one.

Dodgers Fans Party Opening Day

Taco Guy Dodgers
Serving up the tacos


Dodgers Meme
Popular Dodgers meme going around today


Dodger Fans Party Bus
Party Shuttle


Dodgers Fans Drink Up Opening Day
Drink’s Up


Dodgers Fans Party Elysian Park
Fans partying at Elysian Park


Police Horse LAPD
Police horse bit by pitbull before game. P/C @LAPDRampart


Opening Day Echo Park Forums
Echo Park residents: send us your stories!

Note: we normally give photo credit to anything we post, but by the time we tried to find the OP’s for these, the number of Dodgers pictures that inundated our feed made it difficult to find these pictures again. If you are the owner of one of these photographs and want credit or want it removed, please email us. Thank you.

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