Podcast: Echo Parenting and Education on nonviolence parenting

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For this episode of the Echo Park Podcast, we interview Echo Parenting and Education, a non-profit based in Echo Park and serving the community and Los Angeles since 1999.

This podcast is brought to you by the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council. Please remember to vote for your candidates on Saturday, April 12, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Edendale Branch Public Library (2011 SUNSET BLVD., LOS ANGELES, CA 90026).

Echo Parenting and Education

Echo Parenting and Education

Since 1999, Echo Parenting & Education has been helping adults in Los Angeles and around the world to support the rights of children through a compassionate, empathy-led practice of nonviolent parenting.


Echo Parenting & Education envisions a world of nonviolence in which adults respect children by ensuring their right to emotional and physical safety.


The mission of Echo Parenting & Education is to support and facilitate child raising rooted in connection and empathy. We teach parents, teachers and others who strongly influence children’s lives an approach that integrates current research in human development with the practice of nonviolence.

Contact Information

Echo Parenting and Education

On Facebook  |  Twitter

PHONE: (213) 484-6676

Echo Parenting and Education Kids

In This Episode

In this episode of the Echo Park Podcast host Jose Cervantes interviews a panel of staff members from Echo Parenting and Education. The panel conversation includes:

  • Diana Ayala–Co-Executive Director
  • Louise Godbold–Co-Executive Director
  • Gisela Burquet–Parent Educator/Instructor
  • Azucena Ortiz–Program Coordinator
  • Kim Pesenti–Development and Communications Coordinator (Special thanks for setting it up!)

In the episode, each person gives an introduction of how they became involved with Echo Parenting and they also discuss their roles and responsibilities with the organization. Some of them are also residents of Echo Park and discuss their opinions about living in the neighborhood.

Toward the second half of the podcast, Co-Executive Director Louise Godbold talks about the developing importance that the study of trauma is having in society, and how Echo Parenting is at the forefront of the research and work in the field.

Lastly, Azucena Ortiz rounds up important events coming up in the community from Echo Parenting and Education. Of note is one that is scheduled to happen this April 26 from 1-5 p.m.

Here are the details:

Festival of Childhood

Festival of Childhood Echo Park Parenting
Festival of Childhood will be on April 26 1-5 p.m. at Reservoir/Alvarado St. in Echo Park

Echo Parenting & Education, located in Echo Park, is preparing for its annual Festival of Childhood–a day of fun and creativity that honors and celebrates the child focusing on the message of empathy for children. It’s a day when families can experience the possibility of nonviolence in the world! The Festival of Childhood is held in conjunction with The Day of the Child, National Child Abuse Prevention Month and International Spank Out Day. This free outdoor event done especially for children offers a variety of creative activities with messages of self care, supporting child development, and nonviolence.

Festival of Childhood Echo Park

April 26 1-5 p.m.

Reservoir Street Closure at 1226 N. Alvarado Blvd

(one block north of Sunset and Alvarado, in Echo Park)

Festival of Childhood Echo Parenting and Education

Please contact Azucena Ortiz (aortiz@echoparenting.org) or Jessica LeTarte (jletarte@echoparenting.org), or call (213) 484-6676 if you are interested in volunteering for the event.

You can also visit the organization’s website for more information about the Festival of Childhood happening in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

Festival of Childhood Echo Park Los Angeles

Behind the Scenes

Here are a couple of pictures “behind the scenes” of the Echo Park Podcast. The location of this podcast was the old Echo Park fire station on Edgeware, near Temple. We give a special thanks to the Central Civil Action Committee and its Executive Director Maryanne Hayashi for giving us a place to host this episode of the Echo Park Podcast.

Echo Park Podcast Los Angeles
Jose speaking with Gisela during the recording.
Echo Park Podcast Echo Park
Recording the podcast with Diana, Louise, Azuzena and Gisela from Echo Parenting and Education.

A special thanks also to Menage the Band for allowing us to use their music clips to start and end our podcast for the first ten episodes.

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