Festival of Childhood this Saturday on Reservoir St in Echo Park

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At the beginning of April we published a podcast episode and interview with Echo Parenting and Education, a non-profit founded and based in Echo Park whose mission it is to support and facilitate child raising rooted in connection and empathy. According to their mission statement:

We teach parents, teachers and others who strongly influence children’s lives an approach that integrates current research in human development with the practice of nonviolence.

The purpose of our panel discussion and podcast interview was to find out all about the organization–its history, people, services, reach, and upcoming events. We published the episode in anticipation of the Festival of Childhood, as described below. This will be a day dedicated to children and it is being organized by Echo Parenting and Education.

So on Saturday, if you happen to notice Reservoir Street closed off by Alvarado, you’ll know what’s going on. Here are the details in English and Spanish

Festival of Childhood

Festival of Childhood Echo Park

Festival de la Niñez

Festival de la niñez echo park


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