GEPENC Election winners puzzle answer and contest winner

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Tierra Mia Coffee ContestAfter the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council (GEPENC) 2014 elections on April 12th, we challenged you take an active approach toward remembering the candidate winners’ names by completing a word search puzzle. We gave interest parties until yesterday (Monday, April 21) to submit their word puzzle answer entries.

Note: Since we last reported the winners via the word search puzzle, EmpowerLA, from the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, announced that there was a tie in votes for the district 4 representatives.

Namely, Oscar Ruben Torres and Jessica Rae Cutler wound up with a tie, and the winners will be resolved via the GEPENC manual.

As it concerns our Tierra Mia gift card contest, we didn’t go back to edit the puzzle to include Cutler, but we want to announce that here because it is important to know the developing facts about the elections since that was the purpose of our contest.

We now wonder if our scrambled words somehow included Cutler–what are the chances of that?

Anyhow, onward to the puzzle solution and contest winner. First, thank you to everyone who participated. Whether it was the coffee that called your name or your interest to learn the neighborhood council members, thank you for taking the active approach of participating in something important in Echo Park. And thank you for participating with us in this fun contest to win a couple of horchata fraps at Tierra Mia.

Here are the official answers to last week’s puzzle:

Word Puzzle Answers

GEPENC Election Puzzle
The solutions to the GEPENC Election word puzzle.

Word Search Puzzle Winner

Out of the correct entries that we received, we put the contestants’ names on to small pieces of paper and into a fair shaker. We gave it a long shake and closed our eyes to pick the winner:

Congratulations to Soc Yumul!

Here is the winning entry:

GEPENC Election puzzle
Soc Yumul GEPENC word search puzzle entry.

We will be in touch with Soc to be able to mail the gift card to Tierra Mia coffee in Echo Park.

We look forward to having more fun contests in the future at EPF. Thank you all for participating. We hope that this helped increase or start an interest in local neighborhood politics and in the neighborhood council.

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