Contest: GEPENC Election Winners Word Search Puzzle (gift card prize)

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Over the weekend many local residents and stakeholders from Echo Park and Elysian Park visited the polls at the Edendale Branch Public Library to cast their vote for the 2014 GEPENC (Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council) candidates. In the end, 21 winning members were elected to carry out the neighborhood council responsibilities for the next two years. This group of people will be deciding over a variety of issues that affect the neighborhoods, and their decisions will then influence the policies and actions taken by the Los Angeles City Council.

We think it’s important to know who the newly elected members are. Being more familiar with their names and positions might interest residents and business owners to be more involved  in the decisions that affect Echo Park.

GEPENC Election Winners Word Search Puzzle

To make it fun, we created a GEPENC election winners word search puzzle. We promise that this will help you remember their names (no guarantees 😀 ).

Win a $15 Gift Card

Once completed, email a picture or scanned copy of your word search puzzle to us. The attachment can be made within our contact form. We will select a random, correct entry out of the emails we receive and mail the winner a $15 gift card to Tierra Mia Coffee in Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA.

Tierra Mia Coffee Contest

Contest Deadline

The deadline to submit your finished GEPENC election winners word search puzzle is April 21, 2014 (one week). We will publish the puzzle’s solution on that day and announce the winner.

Word Search Puzzle

You can open the puzzle in a new window to print it. You can also save the image and complete the puzzle on your computer. Questions? Contact us.

GEPENC Election Winners

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