Meet Henry, the dog with the most unique eyes in Echo Park

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When we published “Meet Echo Park’s best photographed pet: A Dog Named Venice” we meant what we said, though we thought it might raise some eyebrows. Sure enough, some of you had some four-legged contenders to show off. While Venice may be Echo Park’s best photographed dog, our next featured pet–Henry–has his own case to make at the eye-level.

It seems we are slowly uncovering the talents and looks of Echo Park dogs.

Meet Henry, the dog with the most unique eyes in Echo Park.

Note: all of the following photographs are courtesy of @lmsanderswilcox.

Henry Dog Echo Park

The truth is, Henry’s owner, Lea Sanders-Wilcox, would say there’s a lot more to Henry than meets the eye.

We interviewed Lea about Henry, his eyes, and his life in Echo Park.

Henry the Dog Interview

Echo Park Pets

What type of dog is Henry?

We are not really sure since he is a rescue, but I have had multiple people tell me he looks like a maltipoo and I googled it and I think he is a maltipoo.

Dogs from Echo Park

How old is Henry and how long have you had him?

We think Henry is around 4 years old. We got him a year and a half ago on September 2012.

Echo Park Dogs

How did he enter your life, and how did he get his name?

Henry is a rescue from Happy Angels Dog Rescue. We had a boxer before but we have a weight limit at our apartment. So I started looking at small dogs, but our boxer was special and got so much attention so I wanted a dog to match him. I saw Henry and knew he was perfect. They usually rescue dogs from South Korea but also a few from LA. He was found by his foster parents running onto the freeway in Koreatown. They loved him but already had 2 other dogs so had to put him up for adoption. He was so dirty when they found him that they thought he was black, washed him and found out he was gray. He was rescued in a hoodie so they named him Hoodie. We wanted a super normal name so we changed it to Henry. It seems to fit. 🙂

Henry Dog Echo Park

Where in the world did he get those eyes?

I have NO idea. They are so strange: dark blue next to the pupil and almost white towards the outside. People love them/him ’cause he runs around and stares at people looking for snacks. They always comment. My favorite are when people think he seriously–no joking–has contacts, and when people yell, sometimes from across the street, “Your dog has a human face!”

Echo Park Forums

How long has he lived in Echo Park?

He has lived here since we got him in September 2012. We love it here.

Echo Park Lake

What are his favorite places to sniff and walk in Echo Park and Los Angeles?

He loves to walk around Echo Park Lake. I think he thinks he owns it. He ran away from our babysitter one time and just hung out at the lake for a few hours then came home when he heard my car. He also loves Elysian Park for its large expanses of grass and often goes searching the picnic areas for snacks. He loves anywhere where he can pick up a street snack–like literally off the street. He loves his cushy life now with various cushions, safety and pets, but he still prefers to eat garbage.

Henry the Dog

For adventures outside of Echo Park: His favorite place in the world is Huntington Dog Beach (except when we throw him in the water to cool off) and Runyon Canyon. Anywhere he can run for as long as possible.

Pets from Echo Park

What is the first thing people tell you when they make a comment about him?

Usually laughing:

“Did you know your dog has blue eyes?”

“Where did he get those eyes!?!?”

“Are those contacts?”

“Your dog has a human face!”

Henry Dog Los Angeles

Out of all of the things he does, what is the most human-like?

His expressions. Since you can really see his blue eyes you can see every thought that crosses his mind. He can look so pathetic when he wants something. The joy when he can run–soooo happy. His penetrating “take me for a walk” look. And his usual “the world is ending” (like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh) look.

Echo Park

If he was human, what would be his favorite place to eat in Echo Park?

Ha! Probably Guisados or any of the street vendors with bacon wrapped hot dogs.

Bonus Video:

Just a few days ago, Henry got in trouble with the new winged-family many people have spotted at Echo Park Lake. He got too close for comfort.


If you would like to keep up with Henry, you can follow his Tumblr blog, and his owner’s Instagram account @lmsanderswilcox.

Think your four-legged creature deserves to fall into contention? Contact us, we’d love to feature him/her.

Thank you Lea for sharing Henry’s story, pictures and video.

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