List of NBA sanctions placed on Clippers Owner Donald Sterling by Adam Silver

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Donald Sterling NBA Sanctions
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announces sanctions against Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

On Tuesday, April 29, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver held a live press conference on NBA TV to announce the sanctions he and the NBA will place on LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for racist remarks he said in a private conversation.

Here are the sanctions that Adam Silver announced:

  • Lifetime ban from the NBA for Donald Sterling
  • Donald Sterling may not attend any Clipper games or practices
  • Donald Sterling may not be present anywhere at any Clippers facility
  • Sterling may not take part in any personnel decisions regarding the LA Clippers
  • Sterling may not be present at any NBA Board of Governors meetings or other NBA league activities
  • Donald Sterling will be fined 2.5 million dollars, the maximum allowed under the NBA constitution
  • The 2.5 million dollars will be donated to organizations who are dedicated to anti-discrimination and tolerance efforts. They will be chosen jointly by the NBA and NBA Player’s Association
  • The NBA Board of Governors will be encouraged to force a sale of the LA Clippers team
  • Adam Silver pledges to do everything in his power to enforceĀ these sanctions

After the announcement, Adam Silver answered various related questions. Through them, he mentioned that he spoke to players, owners, and to Donald Sterling himself. Donald Sterling was said to admit that it was him during the phone call, and did not specifically express any remorse.

This announcement comes on game day for the Clippers who will be hosting the Golden State Warriors at the Staples Center for a crucial game 5 in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

2 Responses

  1. John Rose

    I think Donald Sterling is a complete idiot. That being said, although I agree with him being banned by the NBA etc., simple law in this country says you can’t force soneone to sell their property. I could murder 20 people, and regardless of what my jail sentence would be you can’t force me to sell my restaurant. If the players, league and the fans REALLY want to hurt Sterling, the best thing for them to do is boycott. But you know? NEVER going to happen. If you were a black man working in a store and you found out your boss was a racist, if you had any pride, you would quit. The players on The Clippers could all say, “I quit. I’m not working for a racist ass like him.” But, in reality, it’s, “Yeah I’m quitting I’m not working for him to show my disapproval of his racism….oh wait a minute…you mean I would have to give up my 120,000 dollars he pays me every game? Uhh…let me think in that a bit more” I see the Clippers games in TV and notice that there are thousands of black people in the arena. Why? Why are they attending games and putting money in his pocket? The players turned their jerseys inside out as a protest. Oooooh…..that’ll show him. If the players and fans are REALLY that mad, then DO something about it.

  2. Satellite


    First of all, you’re right…forcing sterling to sell the team will be interesting to see play out. However the NBA does have its own constitution with laws for ownership, so it makes it different than other situations.

    Secondly, on your second point about boycotting, you’re right it’s never going to happen. And your comment is clearly coming from someone who doesn’t watch basketball or the NBA. What happened was an unfortunate situation for many, including the players. But you have to understand that the Clippers are having their best season they have ever had in their history. A lot of hard work has gone into that, from the Coach Doc who has committed to the team and bringing them up to a new level of competition, to the players who have never experienced this type of success on previous teams.

    Even Chris Paul has never made it to the conference finals. This year they are third seed and have a great shot at it.

    I think it’s unfair to ask them to boycott their careers and hard work just because of the rumblings of a stupid old white man.

    Trust me, they probably felt like it and wanted to. But it’s not realistic and it’s not fair. Hence, the reversed jerseys. You might see that as stupid, but it is simply symbolic.

    Boycotting was too difficult and unreasonable expectation.

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