What’s hanging? New photographs decorate Guisados’ walls in Echo Park

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Guisados Echo Park Art
Art Meza’s photography hanging at Guisados in Echo Park.

When it comes to Guisados, most people will think of the braised meat that comes served on homemade tortillas–it’s what has made Guisados a taco favorite in Echo Park and Boyle Heights.

But few people mention Guisados’ emphasis on showcasing local art and artists. This week their Echo Park walls got some love from Echo Park and Boyle Heights native Art Meza. You may remember Art from an Echo Park Podcast episode we published about his lowrider photography that appeared in “LoWriting: Shots, Rides and Stories from the Chicano Soul” published by Broken Sword Publications in January.

This time we ask Art Meza about the frames that went up in Guisados. So next time you crave the braised tacos, you’ll also appreciate the walls.

Art Meza Echo Park Art
Art Meza, April’s featured artist at Guisados in Echo Park. Photo credit @Chicano_Soul

What’s Hanging at Guisados?

Q: How did your photos end up showcased at Guisados?

I contacted Guisados through Twitter I believe. I had visited both locations before and had noticed they featured local artists, so I asked about the possibility of getting my photography on their walls. Armando Jr. replied and we exchanged a few emails. I was really excited when he said he was interested in displaying my work…in both locations.

Q: What can we find hanging?

You’ll find photographs that I have shared on Instagram @Chicano_Soul and/or in the pages of LoWriting. I will try to hang some soon that I haven’t already shared on social media. That would be cool.

Q: How long will they be there?

My photos will be on display for the month of April. Starting the second month of April I will also have work on display at Guisados’ Boyle Heights location. As you know I grew up in both Echo Park and Boyle heights so coming back in any way is always an awesome feeling. I really hope both communities like my work.

Q: Does being an artist-in-residence at Guisados give you an inside scoop on their recipes?

LOL I can’t say that it does but I did get to try a taco that’s not on the menu. Maybe all I should say about it is that it includes chorizo. My favorite though has got to be the chuletas…or maybe the steak picado. Oh, and you gotta get some of their lemonade.


Apart from entertaining crowds of taco seekers, the displays from Guisados’ featured artists are also for sale. Thanks Art!

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