Podcast interview with Sunday’s Best Thrift Apparel in Echo Park

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In this Echo Park Podcast episode we interview Sunday’s Best Thrift Apparel in Echo Park and the owner, Denisse Rodarte. Sunday's Best Echo Park Sunday’s Best Thrift Apparel is a “mom and pop” vintage and thrift shop located in Echo Park at 1547 and 1549 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90026. The shop is located in the center of Echo Park, right in front of the Gold Room, Bank of America, and in the beautifully famous street intersection of Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Blvd.

Interview with Sunday’s Best

  • Who is Sunday’s Best?
  • How long have they been in Echo Park?
  • Who is the owner?
  • How do they prepare their clothes for sale?
  • What kind of experience do they have in the vintage and thrift sale industry?
  • What specials can you expect during the spring and summer?

Get to know one of your local Echo Park business owners, Denisse Rodarte, and all that makes Sunday’s Best Thrift Apparel in Echo Park special. Learn about how they prepare their clothes for you, how they pick it out, where they find it, and all about the hard work that goes into offering quality vintage and thrift in Echo Park, Los Angeles. As a bonus, you will be surprised to learn the deep history Denisse’s family has in Echo Park and the history the family has in the industry. You might also be interest in a previous interview we had with Denisse on our Echo Park blog. To keep up with Sunday’s Best, please follow them on Facebook and @sundaysbestthrift on Instagram. Thank you for listening to the Echo Park Podcast. Please let us know what you thought of this episode in the comments below.

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