For adoption in Echo Park: Rico, 5 month old puppy and Pitbull mix

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The following is a call for adoption from a local Echo Park resident, Miri, who is currently fostering the puppy. Miri would like to find Rico a local home in or around Echo Park.

Here’s a quick Q and A about Rico and the adoption details. – Echo Park Forums

Meet Rico

Rico Pitbull Echo Park
Rico at 5 months old

What’s the history?

Rico was neglected and found in a home in Lincoln Heights that was unsafe for him as the house was rundown and crowded with cats and trash. His owners wanted to sell him on Craigslist to make money, so my friend offered to rescue him if he wasn’t sold. His old foster parents had him for 9 weeks but couldn’t take care of him anymore so they contacted me through my dogsitting site.

I offered to help as I have training experience and thought it would be great for him to go hiking here and experience the great outdoors that Echo Park and Elysian have to offer. I have lived in Echo Park for just over a year now and chose it because it is such a dog friendly and green environment.

Rico Echo Park

Shots, Status, and General Description

Rico is 5 months old and had his 3rd shots last week. He weighs 27 lbs and is a Pitbull/Weimaraner or Pointer mix who is expected to be about 60-70 lbs fully grown.

He is a beautiful mocha brown color with lots of light spots. Rico will be neutered and microchipped this week, and once recovered in 2 weeks will be ready for a loving forever home.

Rico PitBull Elysian Park Trail
Rico at Elysian Park with his foster buddies.


He is a medium energy dog, calm submissive, very mellow and has a very loving character. I regularly take him hiking on the Elysian Park trail which he loves, and we also love hanging on the grass at Echo Park Lake.

He already knows all his basic commands, is nearly fully potty trained and is great with other dogs. He would be a great family pet as well due to his kind nature.

Rico Pitbull
Rico (lower) napping with foster dog mom, Bagel.

Adoption Requirements

We want the best home possible for him, so we would only do a home check and a generic adoption contract to protect him from being given back to a shelter. No compensation necessary for adoption.

Adoption Effort So Far

We have put up flyers around local pet shops and veterinary clinics as it would be great to keep him in the area and run into him again on a hike. 🙂


I would also personally be happy to dog sit him free of charge as he gets along so great with my own dog Bagel (pictured above, white dog).

Rico also comes ready with 21st century essentials, a.k.a. his own Instagram account @ricothepitbull where people can currently follow his everyday activities while he is being fostered.

Rico pitbull Elysian Park
A growing pup. Good picture for scale comparison.

Contact Information

Anybody interested in adopting Rico can contact me (Miri, foster parent) directly at 347-824-4730 or email at


Interested in getting the word out about a pet who needs a home? Contact us and provide answers/info to similar questions as above, and 3-5 pictures. Thank you. – Echo Park Forums

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