LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Visual Perspective of Air Force One

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On Wednesday, President Barack Obama began his 3 day tour of California in Los Angeles. What’s mostly a tour of fundraising for the Democratic Party, the President also received the Ambassador of Humanity Award from the USC Shoah Foundation. The award was presented by Steven Spielberg, the organization’s founder.

The President left on Thursday en route to San Diego and finally San Jose, CA.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti showed his artistic eye and unique perspective as he photographed Air Force One and posted the picture on his Instagram.

Elements in the picture point to the photograph being of the President’s arrival on Wednesday, though LA Mayor Eric Garcetti published the photo on Thursday.*

Air Force One LAX Eric Garcetti
Air Force One. Photo credit @EricGarcetti

*This line was edited thanks to a reader’s suggestion on the accuracy of the previous line. Thank you.

  1. Pearlview

    There were security all
    the way in the front or back of the hotel where he was staying and I had to go through a maze just to get to work. It was insane. Traffic was even bad in Santa Monica

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