Someone is leaving googly eyes around Echo Park, giving life to inanimate objects

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It looks like someone is taking their arts and crafts projects outside of the home and bringing the googly eyes into the neighborhood.

A couple of inanimate objects have been spotted around town wearing googly eyes. It has given life to otherwise everyday and common fixtures, such as a tree in Echo Park Lake and a stop sign on Echo Park Avenue. They want to keep Echo Park wacky, we guess.

What are googly eyes? They’re defined as small, jiggly eyes that are small plastic craft supplies used to imitate eyeballs. Googly eyes traditionally are composed of a clear, hard-plastic shell, with a smaller, black plastic disk trapped within.

See any more around town? Send us your pics or tag us on Instagram @echoparkforums.

Googly Eyes in Echo Park Los Angeles
Photo credit @mysterrcircus
Echo park googly eyes
Photo credit @orionsimba
Googly Eyes Echo Park Lake
Photo credit @harrietcuddeford
Googly Eyes Echo Park Lake
Photo credit @saragazarek

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  1. Satellite

    They’ve chosen very creative and different spots 8)

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