El Batey scenes from Mi Vida Loca (1993) in Echo Park

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A week ago today, El Batey market in Echo Park closed its doors after 48 years in business. The family business of El Batey and the new landowners, M West Holdings, were unable to negotiate a new leasing agreement for the future. As a result, the small business was given 30 days to evacuate the space on Echo Park Avenue.

We put together the following video as a tribute to the history of El Batey in Echo Park. The video clips together scenes from the iconic 1993 film Mi Vida Loca that take place in or around El Batey.

Mi Vida Loca is a story of a group of girls from Echo Park who have to reconcile their differences while dealing with violence, love, family, and poverty in the urban Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park. It can be said that the “epicenter” of the film’s setting is in front of what was El Batey–on the Echo Park and Morton Avenue fork. The scene also shows the historic brick building that is now owned by M West Holdings, and scenes that show Magic Gas, the gas station that existed in the corner before Chevron.



Interested in watching the full movieWatch Mi Vida Loca full movie on our video gallery.

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