Podcast: Locals react to closing of El Batey in Echo Park

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Echo Park Avenue
At high peak on event day, buy out El Batey.

On this Echo Park Podcast episode we interview locals, residents, and business owners of Echo Park who attended the El Batey buy-out event on Saturday, May 31, 2014. The event was as an attempt to alleviate the financial losses of El Batey, which was served an eviction notice by M West Holdings, the landowners of the building.

The neighborhood grocery store shut its doors on June 5, 2014 after being unable to negotiate new lease contracts with the landowners.

On this episode, days before the closing of the store, 7 people of different ethnicity, age, and social class give their opinions on:

  • The closing of El Batey after 48 years
  • What the store meant to the neighborhood
  • What Evelia and El Batey family meant to the community
  • What could replace El Batey moving forward
  • Thoughts on gentrification in Echo Park
  • Views on what makes businesses in Echo Park successful

The interviews were performed on the street with the live sounds of the Echo Park and Morton Avenue intersection, and the live music of The O.G.’s, a classic oldies band that performed live on the day at the event.

Intervieews gave their thoughts while shopping for goods at El Batey.

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Pictures of Event Day

The OGs Echo Park
Live band The O.G.’s preparing setup for event.
The OGs Echo Park
The O.G.’s live music band accepting donations.
Echo Park Avenue
A Pitbull rests in the afternoon in front of El Batey.
El Batey Echo Park Closing
Before the scheduled event.
grafton lofts Echo Park
Former El Batey in what is now Grafton Lofts.


Click here for pictures inside El Batey and the products they sold.

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Photo credits: Echo Park Forums.

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