Q: What can I buy at El Batey in Echo Park? Answer, in pictures

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A business must’ve done something right if it stood for nearly half a century. Before most of us were born, El Batey was serving the Echo Park community with everyday essentials. Whether from Echo Park or not, you might relate to the “neighborhood shop” of a community, and to the days when parents or siblings pushed you out the door to fetch milk or some other necessity.

Up until the time of this article, you can still visit El Batey to purchase some of your home’s everyday needs in one of Echo Park’s oldest stores.

But on Thursday, June 5, El Batey is still expected to vacate the premises as the landowners of the historic brick building, M West Holdings, will not budge on their denial of a renewed contract with the family-owned business.

According to the family, M West Holdings has been unwilling to communicate properly, and to re-negotiate new terms for a contract moving forward, in spite of the shop’s willingness to pay more rent, or to even change its products and identity.

El Batey’s run of 48 years in Echo Park is ending not because the shop has been unable to sell and stay afloat in the neighborhood, but because M West Holdings has decided that El Batey is not something they want in their building.

It’s with this news that we bring you pictures of some of the items you can still purchase at El Batey before the shop closes for good.*

There are specials of up to 50%!

Purchase these things because you need them, or because a friend or family member might need them.

Purchase them because you’ve known the El Batey family for years, and you want to get one last thing from them for your household–to enter the store one last time and greet Evelia at the counter.

Purchase them because you simply want to help them sell some of their stock.

*These items were available at the time of the photos. Please check with store for current stock.

El Batey Echo Park
Beer, it does a body good.
You can buy time itself!
You can buy time itself!
El Batey Echo Park
Dog treats.
Echo Park El Batey
Pet food.
El Batey Echo Park
Cookware and kitchen materials.
El Batey Echo Park
El Batey Echo Park
Jesus, and other decorations for the household.
El Batey Echo Park
Decorations and gifts.
El Batey Echo Park
Detergents, cleaning materials.
El Batey Echo Park
Dishware and kitchen supplies.
El Batey Echo Park
Wine, candles, bathroom hygiene.
El Batey Echo Park
Spices for good homecookin’.
El Batey Echo Park
More essentials, including baby diapers and Takis.
El Batey Echo Park
Essentials: water, toilet paper, and Clamato.

Are you interested in knowing what else you can do?

  • On Thursday, El Batey will need any help it can get to move inventory out of the store and to empty out the business.
  • Drop by and simply ask them if they need help with anything.
  • Give some hugs and let them know the community appreciates their business and sympathizes with the closing of the store.

For the more concerned:

Moving forward, it is good to know who the owners of the building are, M West Holdings, and how they’ve treated a historically significant shop in Echo Park. Some questions to ponder might be…

Does the community want to support the M West Holdings’ business dealings?

Is Echo Park Avenue just another plastic stretch of street in Los Angeles?

Are you going to accept the business that M West Holdings chooses for you?


All photos of El Batey shot by Jose Cervantes. EPF thanks El Batey for allowing the taking of these pictures.

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