An Echo Park Lake hat and interview with artist Alfonso Peeze

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We came across a unique hat on the internet–a cap with the iconic image of Echo Park Lake on the front–and reached out to its designer, local LA artist and hat designer Alfonso Peeze.

The cap of course has the expected elements of Echo Park Lake as you can see below: the fountains, lake, palm trees, and a scenic neighborhood backdrop of Echo Park.

Here’s a quick interview with Alfonso Peeze about the cap, his artwork, and the neighborhood. Enjoy!

Echo Park Lake Hat Alfonso Hattito
Echo Park Lake hat and concept by Alfonso.

Alfonso’s Interview

Hello Alfonso! Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Alfonso, and I am in my early 20’s. I am a young productive artist that resides in the Los Angeles area. I have a positive attitude when it comes to producing quality art. My main focus is to become a world-known successful artist–not only as a painter and/or designer, but as a person with moral values and good ethics. I have hope in the future because the past had hope on us.

Being born in Los Angeles is a privilege because L.A. is as a mecca where people from all over the world come to meet and settle in hope for better weather and better living. I am also inclined to know that at this age and time entertainment is the most successful thing you can search for and find in order to be successful. So here I am in a quest for success.

We came across one of your art works, a cap with the view of Echo Park Lake on it. Can you tell us more about that piece of work?

The Echo park scenery I painted is inspired by a young artist whom I have seen around town before Apps came about. He told me that he wanted a hat with Echo Park Lake on it. So I decided to make that my next task. As I painted the hat, memories of my own started to flashback. Echo park has been part of my neighborhood since I was about 12, and I remembered when Echo Park Lake wasn’t as appealing as it is today.

Being around Echo Park at a young age brought me memories of when gang violence was as real as the gangsters were. I used to walk by Echo Park and see everything marked by ExP, a prolific gang that knew how to control territory. Now, Echo Park is going through a different phase, a place where new trendy things are occurring, thus altering the history of Echo Park itself. Therefore drawing a piece of history is as important as getting to understand why and what change can create.

Are those type of works for sale, and can people expect more of those?

Yes, my artwork is up for auction and people can definitely expect more. People can find more on my Instagram @_hattito.

I draw all sorts of things, from real life to the most abstract images there can be. I tend to work fast so if you need work done ASAP, I’m worth a shot.

Alfonso Hattito Hats Los Angeles
A sampling of Alfonso’s other works.

 With your other art pieces, can people expect similar things to the cap, or was that one different than your usual work?

I work with different mediums ranging from newspaper to canvas and pencils to markers.

Do you have other Echo Park-inspired pieces or ideas coming up?

I might have a series of Echo Park hats coming soon, but if someone is specifically interested, contact me.

Where can people contact you?

I can be contacted on Instagram @_hattito and by email at


Thanks Alfonso for the interview! We hope you keep making more Echo Park related hats, and much success moving forward. – Echo Park Forums

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  1. Andy House

    I’m loving your podcasts; they are great sources of information for the photo documentary I’m working on. It is a 12 week project on Echo Park, it’s people and the changes it is going through.

    I would like to meet with to discuss your ideas and recommendations for photo subjects. Considering the range of people you talk with and the postings on your blog I can’t think of anybody who might have a better overall perspective of what I’m after.

    Regarding me, I’m semi retired and split my time between teaching film production at the American Film Institute and studying photography at Santa Monica College. If you would like to see an example of my work take at look at my flickr photo page at:

    If you go to the site you will see I have traveled, lived and worked around the world but I was born in Los Angeles and it is always good to be back. LA is my home.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Best regards,
    Andy House

    • Staff

      Hello Andy! Sorry for the delayed response. I’m really happy that you have enjoyed the podcast episodes. I see that by now you are already into your project. I’ll email you personally to see how else I can help with your efforts.

      I appreciate the comments.


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