Sunday Jump, community open mic series in Historic Filipinotown (Part 2)

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Sunday Jump is a free Filipino-founded open mic series in Los Angeles’ Historic Filipinotown in the greater neighborhood of Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA. The open mic series takes place at Tribal Cafe every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 5:00 p.m.

Sunday Jump was co-founded in 2012 by a trio: Eddy M. Gana Jr, Janice Sapigao, and Stephanie Sajor. Each co-founder has his/her own inspirations and motivations for co-founding and developing the series. Echo Park Forums reached out to Sunday Jump for short interviews with each of the co-founders.

In the first part, we interviewed Eddy M. Gana Jr. Eddy shares information about the series, and reflects on Historic Filipinotown’s culture, businesses, and future.

For our second interview we speak to Stephanie Sajor who reflects on the founding of Sunday Jump, its contributors, and her transition from childhood to adulthood as a Filipina-American woman in Los Angeles.

Following the interview there is information about their next upcoming open-mic event at Tribal Cafe this Sunday, July 19, 2014.

Sunday Jump Interview: Stephanie Sajor

Q: Hello Stephanie! So what is the purpose/mission of the group, and has it changed over time? If so, how

Sunday Jump aims to provide a safe space for everyone, but especially for people of color. We started with our two community guidelines that continue to sustain our open mic: 1) Express, Not Impress, and 2) Free Speech, Not Hate Speech. And whether or not we will have these specific guidelines in the future, Sunday Jump will always be a place for marginalized folks to share their stories, free from antagonism or judgment.

Q: What was/is the connection between the 3 co-founders of Sunday Jump?

We all met through KmB Pro-People Youth, a Filipin@ community organization based in LA. Coincidentally, it was the first meeting for each of us, so right off the bat we found in common a strong desire to do political work for Filipin@ population in the city, particularly in the context of poetry and writing. We also clicked as, you know, people, so that helped too!

Q: Do the co-founders have a history of living or being in Historic Filipinotown/Echo Park?

I was born in Los Angeles, and grew up in the Historic Filipinotown/Rampart Village area with my family before moving to the suburbs. I remember being a little girl visiting the local Filipino owned businesses with my mom and dad when they ran their errands. Going to the local market was always a highlight of the week–hearing my mom speaking our native Ilokano to the store owners and cash registers as we bought blue crab and bok choy. (That corner market has since turned into a carniceria.)

Since we moved to the suburbs, I think a huge part of my growing identity as a Filipina was lost for many years. But when I attended the APIA Spoken Word and Poetry Summit in 2009, something in me clicked–I could revive and redefine my Filipina identity by blending the political and the artistic. Being Filipina wasn’t just a label secondary to other facets of my identity; it became important to me again. This “reawakening” is why after graduating from UC Irvine in 2010, moving back to Los Angeles, joining KmB, and forming Sunday Jump were natural developments. Historic Filipinotown is where the community thrives!

Q: How does Sunday Jump find or recruit its performers, and how can interested people get on the open mic list?

Many of our performers are artists we have met over the years that we know to hold the same political and artistic values set forth through our community guidelines. Any community-minded folks are welcome to listen and share their art with us! All are welcome to drop by on the day of any Sunday Jump event and sign up on the list.

Q: Is there a fee for those who are part of the audience? And is it drop-in or reserve?

No fees. Drop in, support the venue, and breathe and live the art!

Q: What is the best way to stay in touch with Sunday Jump?

Become a Sunday Jump regular! Work on your art, get on the mic, build with us! You can also find us online @thesundayjump.

Sunday Jump July 2014 Events

Sunday Jump Historic Filipinotown


Thanks for the interview, Stephanie! Thank you for your time and responses. – Echo Park Forums

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