Fundraiser for Carlos Arellano, the victim of the ‘skateboard stabbing’ in Echo Park

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Carlos Arellano, 22, died of stab wounds in the stomach area from a confrontation that occurred Friday,  August 15, 2014 at approximately 11:30 p.m.. Carlos was walking down Sunset Blvd. with his girlfriend during the first night of Echo Park Rising when a group of 3 individuals tried to steal his skateboard. Carlos refused, and and the three individuals attacked Carlos, with one eventually stabbing him in the torso. The incident took place on the 1500 block of west Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

Below is a picture submitted by an Echo Park Forums contributor of a skateboard message positioned around the place of the altercation. The message, apparently written by a witness, asks questions about the murder and speaks for the anger, sadness, and confusion felt by community members in Echo Park.

carlos arellano skateboard message echo park
Photo credit: Echo Park Forums contributor.

There are a couple of fundraisers going on to assist the family and friends of Carlos Arellano. One you can read about on The Eastsider LA through an article that also provides an update on the on-going investigation. Another fundraiser is being organized by friends through the website below:

Carlos Arellano Fundraiser

The website provides a brief description from the friends of Carlos, and asks supporters to donate whatever amount they can to support the family with the associated costs.

To date, the fundraiser has $3,454 out of the $5,000 ask, with 156 supporters.

Please share this information with others, and/or support if possible.

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