Echo Park gas prices continue to fall in-line with national trend

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United Oil Echo Park Gas Station
United Oil gas station in Echo Park, early September 2014. Photo by EPF contributor Jose Cervantes.

Have you noticed a difference at the pump? Local Echo Park gas prices have fallen during the summer following a national trend as the country prepares to enter the fall and winter seasons.

According to a Bloomberg report from September 10, 2014, which gathered much of its information from the AAA and its Washington spokesman Michael Green, the downward trend is due to:

  • An increase in domestic crude, and decrease in imports from the Gulf Coast Region
  • Record oil production
  • A lower-than-expected demand during the summer months
  • The regulated winter blend being less expensive to produce

“Gasoline will drop another 10 to 20 cents a gallon by the end of October as retailers switch to cheaper winter-blend fuel,” said Michael Green from the AAA. 

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