For adoption in Echo Park: Bandit, 4 month old puppy mix-breed

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The following is a call for adoption from a local Echo Park resident, Miri, who is currently fostering Bandit the puppy. Miri would like to find Bandit a local home in or around Echo Park.

Some may remember her previous foster dog, Rico the Pitbull, who was blessed to find his new family through this blog in a similar article as below.

Here’s a quick Q and A about Bandit and the adoption details.

Meet Bandit

Bandit Elysian Park
Bandit at 3 months old

What’s the History?

I found Bandit, formerly known as Chippy on my dog’s Instagram, through one of the volunteers at Baldwin Park Shelter.  Bandit was posted and marked as urgent because he was sick and in the isolation unit. Dogs in the isolation unit are not allowed to leave the shelter to get adopted without getting a medical waiver, and at his tender age, with his low immune system, he was getting worse and worse. He had already been at the shelter 3 weeks so his time was running out.

I had offered to foster for a rescue but no one came forward so I jumped on a train to the shelter and signed a medical waiver to go see him. He had very bad kennel cough and respiratory problems and was not looking well. I applied to adopt him and had my interview with animal control a few days later.

They only started him on meds once I showed intent to adopt, and I got to take him home a few days later. He was such a little happy nugget despite being sick that I knew I had to give him a chance.

Bandit Echo Park

Shots, Status and General Description

Bandit had his 2nd shots in mid October and had his last shots on October 30th. The shelter required him to get neutered within 80 days, which we have done. He will need his rabies shot at 4 months. I took him to Echo Park Veterinary Hospital the next day after he arrived and they gave him antibiotics and cough medicine which worked wonders.

He is off his meds now and is now weighing 22 lbs (at the time of this article).

He is a Staffy/ Shepherd? mix that is believed to be close to four months old. He is tan-colored with a few white spots on his toes and neck and has a grey nose. He has beautiful green eyes and is believed he will grow to be 70-80 lbs. He gets along fabulously with his dog foster mum Bagel and is learning the basics, potty training and basic commands.

Bandit the Dog Echo Park
Bandit with Dog Foster Mom Bagel


Bandit is a very active and adventurous pup that loves to play and goof around. He has been socialized with other dogs at dog parks and also with my own dog, Bagel. They play and tumble around the house together. He loves to explore new things and walks very well on the leash. He loves meeting new people and dogs at the park. He is not doing big walks yet, but he is getting used to outdoors and loves laying in the grass. He thinks he can keep up with Bagel but when he gets tired I carry him the rest of the way. He is very happy- go-lucky and picks up fast on commands. He is not much of a lap dog but does come snuggle occasionally if he wants some attention.

He would be a great dog for an active home that has experience with strong breeds. He has a very sweet temperament and loves meeting people. But he is still a puppy and needs someone who is patient with him and has time to continue to crate and obedience-train him. However he is currently doing well with crate and potty training and knows all the basic commands.

I am sure someone will fall in love with him and give him the loving forever home he deserves!

Bandit the Pup
Bandit hiking the trails. Good picture for scale comparison.

Adoption Requirements

We want a great home for Bandit so the adopters will have to have a home-check and sign an adoption contract. The adoption fee is $150 to cover some of his vet bills.
He is ready for his new home now as of early November, but his new family would have to supply proof of taking him to get his rabies shot at 4 months.

Bandit Dog Echo Park
Bandit and Bagel at Echo Park Lake.

Adoption Efforts So Far

Most courtesy postings require that the dog has been neutered so we will post flyers in pet shops and animal hospitals. My neighbor took Bandit to work one day to find some potential adopters as he works with a lot of animal lovers. We are also networking and sharing his story on Instagram and through local businesses like Muddy Paws Coffee.


All dogs that I foster get the “family and friends” discount for boarding at my house, so I am happy to dog-sit him whenever I can. Bagel won’t mind.

Bandit Adoption Echo Park
Little Bandit. A growing pup.

Contact Information

Serious adopters can contact me (Miri) at 347-824-4730 or at

You can see his progress in foster care on Bagel’s instagram page @thelightlytoastedlifeof_bagel.


Interested in getting the word out about a pet who needs a home? Contact us and provide answers/info to similar questions as above, and 3-5 pictures. Thank you. – Echo Park Forums

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    It’s a pleasure to have told Bandit’s story, Miri! Thanks for fostering Bandit, getting him ready for a new home, and for telling his story through us. We’re confident a family or individual out there will be a perfect owner for this little guy.

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